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"The best way to predict your future is to CREATE it." -Abraham Lincoln


Meet your coach

       ...and champion for all things life, leadership, and legacy.

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my theory

I hold a strong belief that the world is a better place when we have agency to do what we love and become the best version of ourselves. As a coach, I help you look inward so you can unleash your unique potential, fall in love with your process, and design the abundant life and career you deserve -- building the life of your dreams into a tangible reality.

my story

For over a decade, I've worked diligently as a singer, actor, entrepreneur, and educator in and around New York City. My passion for both psychology and our human capacity for greatness led me directly to the craft of coaching. I have combined this love of human expression with the tools of neuroscience to empower creative entrepreneurs, team leaders, and business owners. Together, we identify and create actionable plans towards their goals and tactfully clear the way for them to step boldly into their power. 

my skills

  • Experienced results-trained coach

  • Dynamic workshop facilitator

  • Creative collaborator

  • Uniquely empathetic, heart-driven human

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Sandy Taylor,

Certified Coach & Founder


"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” -Goethe




Powerful, brain-based coaching that helps you get out of your own way and step fully into your power. The work includes  practical elements of self-care, accountability, and time management as well as deeper work that lifts up the hood and challenges beliefs about yourself and the world that may not be serving you.

Of course you could do it alone, but you don't have to.

Let's get to work.



Customized to the needs and interests of your team or organization, these dynamic, interactive experiences create a safe place to do some BOLD learning in-person or online.


Past titles include: 

  • Embracing Vulnerability in Leadership

  • The North Star Effect: Values & Vision in Life & Leadership

  • Rising Leadership: Meet the Moment

  • Designing the New Normal


DF Live! Podcast Interview Series 


Success Stories

MH Headshot.jpg

Maggie Hollinbeck

Singer/Actor/Musician & Creative Entrepreneur

"Sandy Taylor is my lifeline as a new business owner. I have so much resistance to putting my work out in the world, and left to my own devices I get in my own way left and right. Sandy doesn’t ignore that resistant part of me, but she doesn’t coach it either. She keeps me firmly in the driver’s seat while acknowledging that the resistance is there but has to ride in the back seat. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Shiloh Goodin


Dancer/Choreographer& Creative Collaborator

"You may hope that a coach will get you focused, organized, accountable. And Sandy has those tools. But if you have used life improvement skills to try to lift your life or work to a new level and they haven't exactly changed much, it's because there is something deeper, and your work with Sandy will take you there. Sandy looks under the hood and asks you to point a light at what needs to be seen... the real reasons shifts may not be happening the way you want.


If you are open to looking deeper for

REAL CHANGE, Sandy will be your guide."


Jacqui Haggerty

Independent Musician

& Multimedia Producer

"Since working with Sandy, I am the strongest, healthiest version of myself. I connect with her ability to communicate with an emotional empathy that is informed by facts, research, and training. Sandy is a constant mirror who reflects all my challenges and victories. Now I am ready and armed with a complete set of shiny new tools that can be used in pursuit of any career goals, life changes, or personal ambitions."

"Know the worth of knowing your worth." -Somebody Smart

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